You are lucky enough to have a found a Master like myself. I am the guy you have always dreamed of meeting, and I actually understand you and your little slave mind. I am giving you the opportunity to pay your Master in various ways. The point is that I am a superior man, and you role in life is to work and make sacrifices so that I can get the most enjoyment out of life. Here is how you can tip.

Visa or Mastercard via CCBILL

One-Click CCBill Interface – This is the simplest way to pay Master Jax. Simply type in how much you wish to pay and use a Visa, MC, or Discover card to make payment. The Payment Processor is CCBill and charges appear on your statements discretely as CCBILL*Jax Tech Services. Pay below, slave.



App for your smart phone. Download at Google or Apple store by searching for “Circle Pay”. Once you connect a payment source you can send cash to me using the email address – Never put any comments or notes with your payments. VISA, MC, AMEX, BANK ACCT


This is an app you can download to your smart phone by searching Google or Apple App Store for “Square Cash” or simply “Cash App”. Once you set up your account and link to a payment source you can send me payments at screen name $fljax.


I accept both Amazon gifts from my Wishlist or Amazon gift cards. Purchase from Wishlist: Send Amazon Gift Card:


I do NOT accept payment via Google Wallet and PayPal. For US customers with PayPal, you can buy me WholeFoods or Starbucks gift cards at and send them to — otherwise you will need use a different method of payment.

Or use the one-click buttons below! **You must wait 60 seconds between each payment***