Thanks to July being such a great month for your Master; I took a week off to spend hiking in Malaysia. This isn’t going to be one of my normal posts. This is a post where I let you faggots get to know me a little bit better. Consider this one of the perks of being my slave.

Last month you fuckers sent around $3,000 to your Master… what did I do with your faggot cash? I bought a ticket back to Miami to see my family for this coming Christmas, I rented a flat in Budapest for the month of October and I went down to Malaysia to hike in one of my favorite parks. Yes, your Master loves traveling the world, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and photography. When you fuckers give me extra money, this is what I do with it. You faggots made me very happy.

I currently live in SE Asia, where I moved to about a year ago to work on a tech start-up. I’m a college graduate, I’ve started several businesses and I am not dependent on you for my livelihood. This is why you pay. I am leaving Asia in September for Europe, where I will stay until I return to Florida in December.

What am I going to do with your cash this month? (Tribute Here) Fly my girl out to Bangkok from DC and take her down to the Islands for a week of fun and fucking. This is what it means to be an alpha. I am on top of the world, and I do whatever I want. You faggots pay for it, and thank me for the opportunity.

Here are some photos from last week in Malaysia.