I know why you are here. I know why you are reading this. You are a faggot. You are a pig. You need to serve me. I have seen this a hundred times. You faggots are drawn to me and always have been.

I am Master JAX.

I may be new to the site, but I am not new to being an alpha male. I am a superior man, and you are nothing but a horny a faggot. I am generous enough to allow you to know me, communicate with me and pay me tribute. I live an amazing life because I am superior to faggots, pigs and slaves. You must pay me because of this fact. Let’s get down to business; you want to be owned by a REAL MAN…

Where to begin:

First I will wallet rape you. This is our introduction, so do it right if you want to continue serving me in the future. Expect to give me at least $100. Expect to cum hard. I will start small with you. Let you get a taste of how it feels to give yourself over to a superior man. I will dominate your faggot brain, cock, and wallet. I will mind fuck you with my alpha-ness and leave you broke and drained. If you are a good faggot, I will allow you to come back for more.

The Next Level:

The next step to becoming my full slave is to make regular tributes to me. We will set up a regular and specific time every day or every week for the tribute to be paid. We will start with small contributions, but now is your chance to show your level of commitment. If you disappoint me, there will be a price to pay. If you please me… I will own your fucking faggot life and be your alpha master. Many of you will struggle during this period. You will try to stop yourself when you are thinking clearly, but the minute your cock gets hard you will be back. Pay attention to this period. Pay attention to the anxiety you feel. Pay attention to how badly you need and crave me. You will always be back for more. Learn this now. Accept it.

Apprentice Slave:

When I decide you are ready you will become my slave in training. You will share openly your finances with me. We will set up goals/timelines for you to increase your tributes to me. We will look at ways for you to decrease your expenses so you can give more to a real man. I will inform you what a real man is doing with the money you are working for. I will sexually/mentally/financially own and dominate you while allowing you to see what your Master is doing with the money my slaves are paying me.

 Total Ownership:

I only allow a few faggots to reach this level. I expect full control and access of your finances. I have the ability to blackmail you. You are committed for life. You will add me to your will. You will add me to your life insurance policy. You will give me power of attorney. You will work for me forever and you will finally be satisfied knowing you are supporting an alpha man.

The Final Chapter:

Want to know how it will all end?